First, print this guide to use as an aid in folding your snowflake paper at the proper angle.


Choose a square sheet of paper that's just large enough for the final size of your snowflake.


Note: When choosing your paper, keep in mind that it will be folded into many layers while cutting. Thin paper that folds crisply works best. Many giftwrap papers work well, and the colors and designs printed on them may complement the overall snowflake design.


Fold paper in half diagonally, so that the resulting shape is a triangle.


Find halfway point of long folded side and make a small 'marker' fold at that point.


Open up to the half fold and place center point on the diagram center. Keep the folded edge on the dashed line.


(trickiest step!) Fold from the center point to create a 60-degree wedge, using the bold lines (A or B) as a guide.


Now fold this wedge in half, longways, to form a wedge the same angle as the sample cutting piece.


Trim-off the outer edge.


Now you're ready to design your flake!


When you're done, carefully unfold and 'hand-iron' under another sheet of paper.




Hope you enjoy this craft!