Flower Power

Some past blooms spring to mind as having had a suggestive sway to my flaking over the past months. The paper, another volume of "Kaleidoscope Patterns" (from Amazon.com's origami selections), lends well to the radial symmetry in many flower patterns. In my opinion, some good art (and invention!) happens when I try to think God's creative thoughts after Him. What's also interesting to me: the limited structural 'rules' (i.e., constraining bends to a certain angle repeatedly employed in the designs) which exist with the appearance of randomness and produce the feel of whimsy and beauty...despite their re-occurrence. This yields visual delight: what I hope for in designing flakes. So, put your metal (scissors) to your petals!

Behind my designs

For those of you wishing to crank-up the flake machine for the holidays, here’s an idea or two.

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Cutting Remarks

For the adventurous paper-whittlers out there, here's a snip about two ways I approach flake cutting.

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