One of my favorite summer flowers is the hydrangea.

Its colors range from pink to purple to blue hued bunches. Those shapes and colors inspired me to create a flower-flake wreath of color for the 7200 Rehab Gym door for the summer. This time I'm including a step-by-step series of images of the layers I used. There is a small blue butterfly hidden in this one. Can you find it in the final image? You may need to click on the photo to enlarge it. Have fun.


 I started with a base of outer green and inner pink leaves:


then added some sparkle to the mix:


some purple connective tissue joined the layers together:


and some lighter colors balanced out the hues:


some frilly things added texture to shapes:


and I had to hide something, so I used the butterfly sticker I had handy:


The final hydrangea flake in its place: