Thanks to the kindness of a co-worker during the recent eclipse (Aug. 21, 2017), I applied a 'sun-block' (eclipse glasses) to my camera lens and got a shot of 'shine, partially moon-blocked (see photo). But then I noticed something crazy about the shadows near me. They were scalloped! Kinda like the shape of the sun sliver projection I'd also seen moments ago with a pin-hole viewer. So I grabbed a few flakes I'd prepared the night before, to see if there were any interesting shadows cast by their sharp points. Sure enough, the sharp edges now appeared rounding... astounding... something like puppy paws, no longer "ruff" and jagged. Well, dog! How bout that. Science! A few moments later (after the moon was cleared from the sunbeams), the pointy shadows returned, casting the usual silhouette shapes. A new insight, without losing my eyesight!