For the adventurous paper-whittlers out there, here's a snip about two ways I approach flake cutting. Although I try not to repeat any designs in my cuts, I do find myself adapting a style based on the amount of time I have or make for each flake. One example (below) shows longer cuts for most of the flake. This is far faster than the second example, but can produce some pleasing, 'star-bursty' patterns. The small wedge shows the 30-degree piece I start with, before unfolding the flake.

If I have more time (or concentration, patience, etc.), I attempt a more complex kind of cutting. In this method, I make much smaller cuts, and twist the scissors before making the next cut. If the paper doesn't tear apart, I guess it's shear luck. smile (See the second wedge). If it shreds, please don't shed a tear (if it tears). This sometimes gets tricky to get intricate.

So there's two ideas for your freestyle cutting. Hope you like.